Founded by McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris and brought to life by Veloce, Quadrant is a gaming and lifestyle brand that combines Lando’s love for gaming, racing, content, and apparel. ​​​​​​​
HCS Year 2 Quadrant Launch Bundle
With Quadrant recently partnering with HCS, we were tasked with designing Quadrant's first-ever Quadrant Halo skin which includes the name card, gun skin, and player.
Quadrant - Social and Streaming Assets 2023
Heading into their second year of HCS and now being officially partnered with HCS, Quadrant was in need of a refresh for their social and streaming assets. Working with the decals from the first set of Halo assets and combining them with event photography to prevent overusing headshots.
Results Graphics for Quadrant Halo Team
Giveaway for HCS Year 2 Quadrant Launch Bundle
Streaming Assets Pack
Player Twitter Header
EU Quadrant 4K Open Series
After partnering with the HCS program, Quadrant was invited to collaborate with Europa Halo to host Quadrant's very first Halo tournament, the 'EU Quadrant 4K Open Series'. During this tournament, I was tasked to create social assets to advertise the tournament across both Quadrant and Europa Halo's social pages. The idea stemmed from Halo's overall aesthetic with its tech-like style crossed with the landscape of London which is where Quadrant is based.
Initial advertisement for the 'EU Quadrant 4K Open Series'
Sign-up reminders to be posted on Europa Halo and Quadrant socials
(Left) Overall Champion Graphic & (Right) Matchday graphic to advertise who's playing on the day

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